01 Sep Brass Monkeys – August 27 2016

After a few months of no sailing due to lack of time and also my usual skipper being up Queensland way with his boat, I finally got a chance to go sailing again.

This time I sailed onboard Nanga Mai II, skippered by David. A smaller boat than I usually sail on but it somehow felt bigger due to it being a bit wider.
It was quite interesting sailing on a boat I was not used to and especially since this one had quite a few differences. Firstly up front it had a self-furler making setup and cleanup a lot quicker. Then at the back it did not have a backstay nor a traveller for the boom, so the main got tacked using the main sheets. But the main difference, at least for me, was that the gib and main sheets shared winches, where I am used to there being one winch per sheet.

This meant that when we tacked we needed to swap the sheets over so that the windward side had the main sheet, and the lee side had the gib sheet (if I remember correctly). This meant we first needed to lock down the sheet on the winch, then take it off, and finally then load up the other sheet onto the winch, making sure it was not locked down incase it needed to be loosened. This seemed complicated at first but became easy after a couple of practice tacks.

All in all it was a fun race. The crew where a bit of a mix experience-wise but we did rather well, I think, without any major hickups. There was a fair bit of wind too, over 18 knots at times even tho they had predicted only 8.

I shall definitely endeavor to come back onboard again in two weeks if I have the time to do the Brass Monkeys final race.