09 Oct Brass Monkeys Final September 10th

So I have not had much time to update, so to catch up, here is a quick summary of the Brass Monkeys Series Final with as much of it as I can remember.
For the final I sailed on Nanga Mai II again. And because it was the final race they had made into a pursuit race. This means that instead of having everyone start at the same time and then adjusting the finishing times based on the boat’s handicap, they have each boat start at a different time, where the boat’s handicap changes the start time instead. This means everyone should end up finishing around about the same time, which makes for a much more fun and exciting finish and also makes it easy to work out how well (or badly) you are doing by just counting the boats behind or ahead of you.

For this race I was on one of the winches again, taking care of the jib and main sheets during tacks and jibes. We did not end up using the spinnaker this time either, and just ended up goose-necking the jib. It made things easier, but it would have been interesting to see how the spinnaker worked on this boat, since it seems each boat has a slightly different way of setting it up and bringing it down.

The weather was overcast all day and there was not much wind at all, and the wind we had was all over place before we headed out. When we’d headed out and where waiting to start, the course was shortened due to lack of wind, so we where getting worried it would get called off entirely, but luckily it did not drop off any more, ensuring the race continued on the shortened course, and towards the end it even picked up a fair bit.

I thought we did rather well in the race, but looking at the results we where placed 21st out of the 26 that finished, which is not great, not I cant remember what caused it. In the previous race we placed 5th, which was much better. So over all Nanga Mai II placed 3rd in the entire series, which is a great feat and I congratulate the skipper and the crew on this placement.

Since this was the final race of the season, no more races where held until the summer season started again on the 5th of October with the Wednesday Twilight Series. These are held each Wednesday afternoon and I will participating in as man of the them as I can, I will also be doing the odd Saturday race when I have time, and I will try and cover each of them if at all possible. That or at least do monthly updates if I cant keep up.