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18 May Ivette – Build Log 2 – Case Build

In the interest of actually getting this done, I will try and keep this as brief as I can. I might, however, elaborate at a later stage.

Day 0

After much waiting the day had finally come, when the parcel collection card for my screen showed up in my mailbox, meaning I could finally start the build. I picked it up from the post office straight away, and un-boxed it on my lunch break at work.

I also tried out some ideas for possible internal component layouts, using the provided cables. In doing so, I found that I had to have the HID USB cable sticking out of the case in order to have the rest of the RPi’s ports be accessible from the outside. While this was inconvenient, there was not much I could do about this without doing some heavy modifications to the ports, which I was not ready to do. So I would have to live with that slight issue for the time being.


16 Sep Ivette – Build Log 1 – Hardware

After much anxious waiting I finally received the last piece of hardware for Ivette, my DIY tablet build, and that part was the LCD Touchscreen. So, with all the parts on hand, I excitedly started building the case that weekend. I continued building whenever I had any spare time and only just finished it a few of weeks ago. And now that I have tried it out for a bit, it is now due time to document the build process. But before I that though, I would first like to go through and document the hardware in more detail and outline the general hardware design of Ivette version 1.


25 Jul Ivette – Build Log 0

This series of articles will cover some of the details and build of a Raspberry Pi based Tablet Computer I call Ivette. The first instalment will serve as an introduction to the project and go through how and why I started it and also detail the first iterations of the device.