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Tag Archive for "taters"

23 Apr Taters gonna tate

After a long day of project organising, coding and general cleanup, taters is finally pushed out to github and is now officially available to the general public.

So before I go into a bit more detail about the project, Check it out Now!

Taters is the result of years working as a web-developer where common tedious tasks quickly got automated with scripts to make life easier and allow me to focus on actually making websites. Tasks like building source files into assets and then getting those assets onto the clients servers where the most common ones to get automated with scripts. These scripts then grew in complexity and eventually became very difficult to extend and maintain. Other similar systems like grunt and gulp inspired me to rewrite my scripts from the ground up in a more modular fashion, dealing with many of the issues I had encountered along the way, improving on shortcomings I perceived with the other systems, and incorporating many of the ideas and concepts I had wanted to try out, with the final goal being to have something that could be useful for more than just web-development work.

I have been using taters in my work for a while now, and have always wanted to share it with the public, but it needed a bit more TLC before I felt it was ready. And with changes at work meaning that more people, other than just myself, where going to use it, there was a bit more incentive for me to actually get it to a better state. Initially, it was simply called deploy, since that was essentially it’s primary function. But I felt that name was a bit too generic and also somewhat limiting in it’s scope, so I eventually settled on taters. Now, exactly why I chose taters is not entirely certain, but it most likely has something to do with my general fondness of the tuber as well as my general Hobbit-ness.

Getting the project onto github is of course only the start, as there is still much work to be done before it’s actual version 0.1 release, and even more work still before the illusive version 1.0. The next big thing that needs doing is documentation, which is a difficult and big task but also a very necessary one.

So anyway. I am quite excited!